Your guests will always appreciate a custom wedding invitation over a standard design.  As every invitation sets the tone for your celebration, it should be unique to your event. A lot of time and thought goes into choosing each little detail from your flowers to your cake, so why should the invitations be any different?

Brides may not appreciate the hours of detailed labour that goes into attaching backings to invitations or embellished ribbons around pockets. Your invitation designer may need to source new materials such as special ribbon or a unique symbolic embellishment.  These are things as a busy bride you may not have the time to do.  These little details make all the difference in making the invitation gorgeous and unique to your event.

A custom invitation can be created with any budget. Save yourself the hassle and bring us your ideas. Contact Studio twenty-four and we'll create an invitation that doesn't look like it came out of a  box!
After countless weeks of designing, days of sourcing materials and hours upon hours of assembling our new collection is ready for viewing!  Our beautiful Boutique Boxes were designed to give your wedding invitation dimension and drama that your guests will adore. Each Invitation has its own unique colour palette with gorgeous embellishments to complement each one.

Some of our designs have been inspired by Sarah Houston Couture wedding gowns (, and you will find similar elements from the dresses in our invitations. Such as delicate handmade organza flowers with Swarovski crystals, silk fabrics and bridal brooches.

Visit our website to view the entire collection of 14 unique designs.